More than just a job

At Datagon AI you become part of a journey

You have a crush on ML? You dream about architecture patterns? You want to build operations yourself one day? Or you want to enable young talents?

Excellent! Apply now on your own initiative!


Our Values

What Datagon AI stands for


We want to enrich each other every single day.


We take responsibility for the overall success of our work.


We always communicate our opinions openly and honestly.


We do everything to achieve the best solution.


We always search for new ways to solve problems.


We want to become a better version of ourselves every day.


Your Benefits

What is in for you

Flat hierarchies

The best argument prevails

Whether they are an intern, developer or business manager, we expect all of our Datagons to question decisions and we listen to every opinion.

Great responsibility

Datagon AI would be nothing without its team

When we accept you into our team, we trust in you and your abilities. Therefore, you have great freedom in terms of organization and topics – from day one.

Exceptional team

Our team combines excellence and passion

Our Datagons are all experts in their fields and at the same time a very close team. Be prepared to meet friends, not colleagues.

Excellent business network

Profit from our network

Through our mentors, clients and team members, you will very quickly build a network in top research, big industry and startup scene.

Emerging company

Become part of the journey

Datagon AI was founded to actively shape the future of the industry through AI – and we mean it. You can be part of our dynamic and highly ambitious journey.

Competitive Employee Benefits

Datagon AI is an attractive employer

Because we already create real value for our customers, we can pay competitive salaries and offer an ideal working environment for our Datagons.


The process

What you will face during application

  • Application


    Applying is really easy. Just upload your current CV and a motivation letter in our application form. Use your motivation letter to tell us why you want to become a Datagon. For us, the motivation letter is the first chance to get to know you, so you can expect us to read it with interest and attention. Therefore, we ask you to honestly tell us why you want to become a Datagon in the motivation letter. You can submit the motivation letter in English as well as in German.

  • Screening


    Once we receive your application, we will review it and get back to you within 3 days.

  • Get-to-know interview

    Get-to-know interview

    If you convinced us with your application, we would be happy to invite you to a get-to-know interview. We can hold this appointment either physically or digitally – whichever suits you better. The purpose of this appointment is to get to know you and your story better, but also to give you the opportunity to better understand our team, our product and possible positions, and to get answers to your questions.

  • Professional interview 1

    Professional interview 1

    We hope you came out of the get-to-know interview with even more enthusiasm for becoming a Datagon than before. If we also continue to feel that we are a good fit for each other, we will be happy to invite you for a professional interview.

    Depending on your background and the position you have applied for, you can expect technical or business questions in the professional interview. The purpose of this interview is to demonstrate your general technical / business understanding. You can therefore rest assured that we will not surprise you with detailed questions, but rather have a substantive conversation with you and try to get to know your approach to problems better.

  • Professional interview 2

    Professional interview 2

    If you also convinced us of your professional skills, you have almost made it. We invite you to a second professional interview. In this last interview, we would like to delve a little deeper into the details of your future job. We will send you more detailed instructions in preparation for the meeting and get into technical / business details with you during the interview. Here you can ultimately convince us of your abilities and get a good feeling for what it’s like to work with us.

  • Offer


    You have done it! You have convinced us completely. Now we will sit down together and clarify the final details for your start with us.

  • Job Entry

    Job Entry

    Congratulations, you are becoming a Datagon! We are happy to welcome you to the team and will do everything we can to give you a pleasant start with us.


Current openings

What we are looking for


Apply now

We are looking forward to your application

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